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Xoom Corp and Skype Helping International Families Stay Connected

xoom-corpThe fist thing I thought when I saw this story was that Motorola was teaming up with Skype in some capacity and going to make Skype more prominent on their Tablet. As it turns out, there is a Xoom Corporation that is an international money wiring company that is teaming up with Skype, the famous VOIP company now owned by Microsoft to help customers in the US stay connected with their families outside of the Country.

So when you use Xoom’s money wiring service you will earn a $50 dollar Skype Credit which will help you stay connected to your international families and friends.

With this partnership, Xoom will offer a $50 Skype Credit to customers who send their first Xoom money transfer.  Customers will receive a unique voucher code they can redeem for a $50 Skype Credit for landline and mobile calls, or text messages.

For more information about the the Xoom-Skype Credit offer, please visit