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Yahoo buys Tumblr and gives Flickr 1TB of storage

Shortly after their acquisition of tumblr, Yahoo slapped together a public announcement for all. After earlier reports that they would not “screw up” tumblr, aka the Facebook/Instagram promise, they rolled out a whopping 1TB of storage to new and existing users. Did I mention this is a full resolution upload deal?

Along with your damn near lifetime of space, the iOS, Android and Web version of Flickr gets a new user experience. Yahoo seems to be indeed focused on taking Flickr back to its core. With 1TB and full resolution upload, I am tempted to dive in, hmmmmm. Oh, and they’ll be opening an office on Time Square, New York, what ever the hell that means.

Instagram? Are you scared yet? First Google +, now Flickr/tumblr combo, its getting mighty warm in here!