Shortly after their acquisition of tumblr, Yahoo slapped together a public announcement for all. After earlier reports that they would not “screw up” tumblr, aka the Facebook/Instagram promise, they rolled out a whopping 1TB of storage to new and existing users. Did I mention this is a full resolution upload deal?

Along with your damn near lifetime of space, the iOS, Android and Web version of Flickr gets a new user experience. Yahoo seems to be indeed focused on taking Flickr back to its core. With 1TB and full resolution upload, I am tempted to dive in, hmmmmm. Oh, and they’ll be opening an office on Time Square, New York, what ever the hell that means.

Instagram? Are you scared yet? First Google +, now Flickr/tumblr combo, its getting mighty warm in here!


  1. Speaking of images, I’m curious what, if anything, mod_pagespeed will do to that slow-loading image you’ve got in the article, which is a 140KB file, scaled to 580px wide when the actual image is 1024px wide. Pagespeed should gut out crap like meta data, maybe tone down the compression quality a little bit if it’s too high and for Chrome users serve a WebP version, additionally I think it should pick up the width=”580″ I added and resize the image to save gas, while leaving the direct link to the full version intact, maybe.

    So far nothing. I’m going to make it worse by converting it to a PNG, up-scale it too, see what happens. I’ll try not to eff up your article. :)

  2. Hell yeah. Follow-up:

    Pagespeed did figure out that the image was displaying in smaller dimensions, serious overkill, and resized it on its own, and with that and some other tricks (some of which I specified, including how lossy a compression level to go with, admittedly liberal but acceptable for our purposes) got it down from 140KB to a 34.8KB and a 23.7KB WebP for supporting browsers, an 83% reduction. Also, the jpeg is progressive or interlaced or whatever, which looks better on slower connections, as did the 35KB png version it made.

    Now your post as well as the front page doesn’t load so slowly, especially on phones. That’s impressive and helpful. If I could just get WordPress to insert dimensions into the HTML when an image is over a certain width, this would have gone more smoothly. The delay in the beginning was unrelated, some plugin was tripping it up, fixed that.

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