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Yahtzee Time…I Mean Yarboo Time

XDA member dikkyboy has released a flash based arcade version of Yahtzee called Yarboo. Just take a look at the pic to see what it looks like. Since it’s flash it resizes to VGA and just gives you slight bars on the side that do not impact game play. Now I think it works well but I need to admit something – I’ve never played Yahtzee in my life so I don’t know how to test it…but it never crashed or hiccupped and I was rolling things and stuff was happening which all looked nice:)

This is not a final release (it lacks sound and some other features will be added) but if you’re into the game it’s worth a download. The download is available here from XDA and you must have Flash lite installed on your phone as well and a link is also provided in the first post.