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Yo Microsoft, Enough Already


Not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but I can’t seem to get rid of the Travel app. Back story. I don’t use, want or need to have the Travel app on my PCs or tablets. It’s one of the first things I remove when setting up a new machine. All was ok till earlier this week. Each time I delete it, the damn app reappears in the Windows Store app updates. I think this happened a few times in the past, but the app remained hidden out of view. What I don’t see won’t bother me. Now, it won’t go away. I delete it and then it comes back with the next batch of app updates. Sure I can be selective when updating apps, but why should I have to do that. Sometimes the list is long and I don’t need to scrutinize it.



I don’t want the app on my machines. End of story. Any questions?