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You Haven’t Tried Meon Yet?

Even though I love this game I realize that we have yet to mention it. Meon is one of the best games out there and that’s not me speaking – it’s you. It’s the 6th most popular app in Marketplace for the lite/free version and the paid version is the 16th most popular app and the only paid app in the first two pages of Most Popular apps listed on Marketplace. The game itself is a strategy/puzzle game where you need to reflect and refract beams of light to solve the puzzles, so a red beam must be reflected into the red Meon. Like most games of this type, the first few levels are filled with learning the basics of the game (which you are walked through) and then the rest of the levels get you good and hooked and before you know it you’ve beaten the Lite version and you’re buying the app:) It’s highly addictive and if you’re into these types of games you should definitely try the free version as a starter but be prepared to buy the full version. The free version is only 32 levels and the paid version is just $3 on Marketplace (or  $6 on their website so that’s not the route to go) and contains 120 levels. If you’re traveling this week it’s a great way to fill a lot of time.