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You know that crazy “Social Media” thing?

You know that crazy “Social Media” Thing? Mobility Digest is on them! That’s right, Mobility Digest is on Twitter, Facebook, and don’t forget our RSS Feed. I have never really pushed our Social Media outlets but I am getting tired of listening to David chew me out over it. So why not show your support for Mobility Digest by heading on over to all three of these exciting ways to experience Mobility Digest’s content by either subscribing or “liking” us?

Simmons has some crazy direct link to our Google Analytics and he says that we have a pretty damn good reader base, so we want to see your support. Our other site run by Patrick Kortendick, Xbox360Digest has over 4000 Twitter followers! That’s crazy! I know you guys won’t let them beat us out so SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

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Okay, so that’s enough with my Social Media for one day. But I do have a few other things I needed to mention. I know we were once a niche WinMo website turned multi-platform blog. It wasn’t my choice, it just kinda happened that way. If you read our website daily, which is highly recommended of course, you would know that we still lean heavily towards Windows Phone. nothing wrong with that, but you know what,  there is a lot of cool things happening in iOS and Android that a lot of folks want to read about. So we need more writers for the iPhone especially. I am tired of battling these guys and need your help! Look at the top of our website page for the link to get more info.

Lastly, and most importantly, compliment our writers! The best way to do this is drop a comment. Tell them thanks, or engage in a discussion with them about their article. These guys do this for free and all have day jobs. They take time away from family and friends to be part of the community and share their passion with us. They deserve a little appreciation and I would like to start by thanking them myself. You guys rock! So until a fabulously wealthy patron makes us a sizeable donation to spread around between us, please pat them on the back once in a while.

Thanks to all of you readers, commenters, and ass kickers who keep us going each day.

Doug Smith

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