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You think Google+ Has Legs? [Ask the Readers]

Gotta say I respect both Microsoft for not giving up on the phones, trying harder and harder each time as it becomes more and more apparent that they need to step their game up (and finally getting some traction). I think that’s what’s been going on with Google and the whole social business, after a few big misfires, concessions of failures and regret to get a piece of this game, now we got this Google+ thing which at first glance on my end looks promising.

But I’ve overdosed on the kool-aid so that means I’m not going to be effective in assessing whether Google+ will take off. According to our logs (and the general vibe around here), you probably didn’t drink the kool-aid, so what do you think? And if you don’t think it has legs, do you think there’s anything they could have done differently to make this good enough to be a real threat to Facebook and get them in the ring or is this always going to be Facebook’s turf? J/w.. Oh one other question, is there any point in degragging solid state memory or do you only get a placebo effect?

Also, for you multilinguals, does this article translation thing I fired up work well? About 30% of you don’t speak English as a first language and it’s kind of a neat trick so I figured why not.

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Update: Happy Caturday everybody!