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Your Bill Whiz – Bill Splitting Done Right

Your Bill is a great bill splitter that does pretty much anything you would want it to do in a great package. The first screen lets you input the bill, tax (you can change the rate applied) and the gratuity (again variable). Everything is large enough that you won’t have any problems hitting the right keys. From there you can pop up the options and split the bill evenly between people (and of course, toggling the number of people is a since thanks to a kinetic menu) or you can split it by individuals. In that mode you can add each person by name and add their items together to get each persons individual bill. He’s even included a calculator if you need help along the way:) It’s a snap to use. Just check out the video of how the menus work:


This is available a few ways. You can download it for free from Marketplace and if you want to support the project then you can download the paid version for $.99. If you are anti-Marketplace then you can head over to PPCGeeks and download it from there, and of course you can donate directly to the developer as well. It looks like the paid version lets you use a scroll wheel (instead of number pad) for all entries and save preset tax, gratuity and large party splitting settings as well. It’s really well put together, very intuitive and I think anyone who takes the free version for a test drive will be glad to donate $1 for the time it took to put this app together.