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Your Next Wearable

Given the fact that majority of large conglomerates that are into producing gadgets including Microsoft, Google, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG etc. are looking for gathering more of “you” using IoT (Internet of Things – new name for old concept with more personalized actions and cloud support ) gadgets. Smart Watches, failed Google Glass (at least with the current version), and fitness bands are all part of that IoT in addition to controlling your lights, thermostat, home door lock/key, garage door opener, monitoring the outdoor lawn or backyard while you are busy in your kitchen or watching some movie in the living room etc. They all either use your WiFi or some can have 4G capabilities too. Tabling the IoT concept and things already available in the market, let us focus on more personal stuff that could be monitoring just “you” and “your needs” only, which is nothing but your Pen.

Yes, you read it first time here. The “Pen” will be reinvented and it will become smarter than the existing Smart Pen from LiveScribe. We all know you could do a lot of stuff from the smart pens including taking notes on smart paper and transfer it to computer or tablet and do a lot of fun stuff. Few people who are into gadgets, spying or watching Bond movies already know that there are pens that could take pictures, videos or record notes secretly. Also there are vintage pens that have LCD watch showing time.

These wearable pens will have a camera with 5MP to 8MP, which could take selfies, pictures, videos of your interest, record audio notes, transfer your pen based notes to computer, tablet or your phone connected with Bluetooth. You can say there is nothing new here and already most of the smart pens and spy pens do. Yes, you are right. This wearable pen will be one or two steps ahead of those and will have room for expansion always. These pens come equipped with tons of sensors just like bands.

Since pen sits close to your heart, it could capture the heart rate using either the optical sensor or touch sensor. The pressure sense on the back of the pen when you click and hold can record your blood pressure and the replaceable tips can read your blood glucose levels and transfer all the information to an App on your selected device, Smartphone, Tablet, or Laptop just like the fitness band or smart watch. The UV Sensor with a colorful LED indicates the UV radiance.

The tiny LCD that shows the time on the pen will show the last call, or the last text message you’ve received or selected notifications you would like to notice. The notes or scribbling you did on any paper will automatically transferred to OneNote, EverNote, Bamboo Note or any other note that the pen manufacturer supports. And that app will be free for you to download on your phone, tablet or laptop. Manufactures will include many more sensors or leave them for next generation of the device.

Update: With just one click, they may email the entire notes you wrote in that session to you or selected people. Or with just double click it could convert that into a Word document or PDF (configurable by you) and attach it to an email of your choice.

One could easily expect the pen can be used as stylus for the Surface Pro line, if it is made by Microsoft and supports OneNote and OneDrive automatically in addition to Microsoft Health App. If it is from Apple, there will be an App for that. If it is from Google, you are guaranteed that your notes and health information can be searchable for public to search by default, and you will have to go through 100 steps to opt-out from it or like our Jim jokingly says “If it’s from Google you can rest it on your ear and take pictures. And being so close to your brain, it should be able to read, and broadcast, your thoughts continuously.”

And I think wearable pen will be bought more than fitness bands and Smart Watches, if they are priced less than $99.

Our Jim also complains “The shirt/heart rate thing will work provided you can find a polo/golf shirt with a pocket. That’s becoming more and more difficult for this old man.” Of course that is true.

What do you think?