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Your Zoom Bar Is Your Friend

zoom For those of you using a Tilt 2/Touch Pro 2 or a Pure/Diamond 2 you’ve probably been pretty disappointed with the space HTC wasted on a ‘zoom bar’ that’s functional in only a few apps. In fact, in our review of the Tilt 2 we noted “HTC has provided a zoom bar that allows you to zoom in/out on select applications. I don’t find this particularly useful or well implemented. I would have preferred to see a trackwheel or touch sensitive dpad instead.” I doubt many would argue with that. So what if that zoom bar were a scroll bar? So lets say you were in the programs directory and it was useful in scrolling to the next app? Maybe in TF3D you would be able to scroll through emails, music albums, favorite contacts and scroll through photos?  And when you view a photo it’s original ‘zoom’ function remains in tact. Pretty cool, right? Well XDA mod joshkoss provided the files which dotcompt has turned into a cab that does exactly that. There’s one down side to it – without an ‘ok’ or ‘enter’ button then you can scroll but you still need to eventually tap the screen to trigger the action, so scrolling through a programs list is neat but not practical since you can’t start the app. Scrolling pics and emails is functional though and actually pretty appreciated. It does not work on every screen (like in the stock Windows inbox). One trip across the zoom bar equals two items moves (so scrolling from 1st to 3rd email) but you can stop half way through to move one item.

The complete XDA thread is here. After installing the cab you must soft reset for it to take effect. I can confirm it works on the Pure.