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Youtube Hack for the Lazy

youtube-luckyThis is great if you don’t like making decisions or making any effort in general – here’s how you can reveal an experimental Youtube “I’m feeling lucky” feature’s Play button that when clicked, based on math I guess, composes a playlist of ten clips it thinks may be relevant to your interests judging datamining and whatever and starts playing a video. Click Play again, another list is generated and begins playing. Just keep hitting play either to be entertained or to get to know what The Man knows about you based on how it decides to entertain you, dig?

Found this on the Google Operating System blog over here (which includes instructions to revert and is also an awesome site), a tip from Yu-Hsuan Lin hailin’ out of Taiwan. The steps: Log into Youtube (on your computer). Open your browser’s developer console (on Chrome, Ctrl+Shift+J, on IE press F12 and hit Console, Firefox Ctrl+Shift+K). Dump the code below into the console and hit enter (be cool, it’s legit), then close the console and the Play button should be to the right of the Youtube logo:
document.cookie=”VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=LVXsOMb_c_g; path=/;”;window.location.reload();

But how did this Taiwanese chap figure that out? Well, he’s a card magician, so I guess luck is his specialty.