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Yup Google Docs Confirm Moto Gets An Edge–Other OEMs Screwed

There was lots of speculation about what the Google-Motorola Mobility merger would mean. Would they get an strategic advantages? Would other OEMs get hurt? Well we have some answers thanks to a Google internal presentation from the Oracle lawsuit. The answer is: Yes and Yes. Here is the Google document:

Foss Patents speculates as follows:

Can you imagine that a company like Samsung, HTC, LG or Sony could still trust Google in this regard if Google actually competes with them through a subsidiary?

If Google already intended to give privileged access to Motorola in the past, how can anyone seriously believe that if the acquisition of Motorola Mobility was closed, a wholly owned Google subsidiary named Motorola Mobility would not enjoy key privileges over its competitors?

Let’s throw more fuel on the fire though. Turns out there was also an admission by Google and it confirms that Oracle’s code was used in Google’s Java impermissibly. Joshua Bloch is a Google engineer that used to work at Sun and he admitted that he had access to Sun code when writing for Google:

Q. BY MR. JACOBS: Do you have a recollection of accessing Sun code while you were working on TimSort?

A. I don’t have a recollection, but I’m perfectly willing to believe that I did. You know, I think the similarity of the signature, the fact that, you know, the three arguments are in the same order and have the same name, you know, is a strong indication that it is likely that I did.

He admitted that he wanted the code to work the same way and throw the same exceptions.

Well none of this really matters. Google will likely just buy its way out of this mess like it does when it infringes on the law or screws people. Just sweep sweep sweep. They’ve got a huge rug, don’t worry, it’ll all fit.