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ZAGGprivacy Protective Film Now in Best Buy Stores

It’s nice to be able to just walk into a store and buy things you need instead of ordering and having them shipped to you. Zagg is now available at best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores so you can just go and pick one up when you need to. Yes, sadly it’s Best Buy, I hate BB, it’s been years since I’ve been in one, their service is horrible and their staff is just plain stupid and unknowledgeable about what they carry oh and of course they’re overpriced. People who actually know tech don’t shop there and I feel bad for all of the stories I’ve read about people being taken advantage of by the BB staff.



ZAGG Inc  has introduced ZAGGprivacy, a protective film that provides visual data security for handheld electronics. ZAGGprivacy is now available at Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile locations nationwide, as well as

“We are pleased to work with Best Buy to bring this creative, new product to the marketplace”

The ZAGGprivacy screen film protects gadgets from dust, dings, and scratches, and features a four-way privacy filter that provides 360 Degree Screen Protection in both landscape and portrait orientations. A thin film that is simple to apply, readjust, and remove without leaving residue, ZAGGprivacy prevents wandering eyes from viewing a gadget screen while texting, checking email, or browsing the web. Available for $24.99, Best Buy and offer ZAGGprivacy for the iPhone 4/4S.

“We are pleased to work with Best Buy to bring this creative, new product to the marketplace,” said Derek M. Smith, executive vice president of sales for ZAGG. “ZAGGprivacy fills a need in the market for a simple and intuitive way to protect personal or sensitive data from wandering eyes. As our lives become more mobile, this level of visual protection will become much more important.”