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Zlango Unveils Exclusive “The Walking Dead” Mobile Text Messaging

Here’s another freebie for you, but this one is really an add-on as you need to have the Zlango messaging app for Android to use it. It’s basically a skin for the messaging app that is The Walking Dead themed and you can text in zombie style!

Zlango, the global leader in visually enhanced text and mobile messaging solutions and services, today unveiled its The Walking Dead theme pack, which was licensed and developed based on the comic book series characters. Currently available as an optional free update for users of the Zlango Messaging App for Android phones


The Zlango messaging platform, which replaces words with sequential animated icons and images, visually enhances today’s current dull texting experience by allowing users to infuse their text messages with personality, attitude and personalized innuendo. Now, with Zlango’s unique touch on The Walking Dead posse, including compelling SkinZ and icons of zombies and heroes, Zlango users will be able to summon their favorite characters to communicate common mobile messaging terminology such as: “later,” “tired,” “call me,” “friend,” “you,” “TTYL,” and more in true Walking Dead style!


“Continuing the comic book evolution to TV and big screens, we are proud to collaborate with The Walking Dead creators in bringing this phenomenon to mobile phones,” said Roni Haim, CEO, Zlango. “For the first time, The Walking Dead fans and texting enthusiasts alike can incorporate exclusive The Walking Dead icons and SkinZ into their daily text messaging experience; communicate with personality, color and undead attitude never before experienced in mobile texting!”


During the event, show attendees and exhibitors alike should be on the lookout for ‘Rick Grimes’ and a chasing pack of Zombies who will be demonstrating this new style of mobile pictorial text messaging and adorning unsuspecting passersby with exclusive Zlango and The Walking Dead giveaways.


Experience Zlango by watching this short YouTube video.

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