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Zoner Photo Studio 14 Now Available for Free

This just popped into my inbox, it’s not exactly mobile related but it is free so I figured I’d share it with you. I don’t have a clue who the company is or anything about them so download at your own risk, but you can download it from reputable sites like Cnet it seems. The program is called Zoner Photo Studio 14 and it’s supposedly a ‘powerful’ all-in-one program for handling your photos to correct red eye, blurring and defect alogn with the ability to create 3d pictures, calendars and more. So I don’t know, give it a try and let me know..



Even the most inexperienced photography fans will be excited with how quickly and easily you are able to manage, edit and share your photos with mindblowing results. Zoner Photo Studio FREE is a popular toolkit taking care of all your work with photos. It’s range of functions are vast: from complex editing tools to professional management of your files.

Ales Hasala, development team director, is glad to comment on the features of the new version, “Users will definitely appreciate the new editing features. The already wide range of features like shadow brightening, clone stamping, panorama photography and advanced red eye reduction have been enriched with new functions and tools like Deform tool which helps with popular tasks like slimming a person’s figure or advanced facial adjustments to name a few. But what I am most proud of is the integration with our photosharing service,“ is a new, attractive web photo sharing service that gets users’ pictures looking great on the Web. Zonerama’s creators explained, “What Zonerama means for users is easy online photo presentation. Even though it’s on the web, there’s no need to visit a website. You can work directly from inside Zoner Photo Studio.“

Zoner Photo Studio FREE is for personal, non-commercial use on single computers. Download it at