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Zune HD hacked. WinPho 7 Here we come!

Engadget just broke the word on a new hack for Zune software that opens a lot of latent capability.  Although similar tricks have been tried, this one is being hailed as the only legitimate “jail breaking” being done.  Apparently this little wiki right here explains the process in detail.  Now most of us are not Zune owners, however this leads to great hope about opening up and truly utilizing the tools available from the similarly powerful Windows Phone 7.  The hack unleashes the mighty Tegra chip to run non-XNA Code (same code used for WinPho games) like C++ as well as custom OpenGL shaders to make things look and run as sexy as Microsoft does with their in-house software.  So for Zune owners, this means expanded capability in gaming, apps, and software (which will further expand capabilities and functions over time.)  For those of us waiting as WinPho develops, this means access to the bad-assery of the Qualcomm Snapdragon (preferred CPU for WinPho phones,) in a similar unrestricted way that allows my Fuze to run Sense 2.5 and other awesome stuff like VR hologram not so much like balls.  Already we’ve seen things like copy and paste become a reality through the unlocked emulator.  And now that not only the software, but the hardware itself is fully usable, we should really start to wonder just how fast this thing is going to be.  So who is reconsidering WinPho now?  I know I am…

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