6 Week Training’s performance speaks for itself. It’s the #1 rated app in the Windows Phone Health & Fitness category and deservedly so. It’s a free training app that helps you get to 100 pushups, 200 situps, 200 squats,150 dips and now 20 pull-ups in six weeks. The program itself is just 3 times a week and it has an added feature – instead of doing a set and resting you can do a set and while resting do a rep of the next exercise so there’s no down time. Its so good that Microsoft gave it an award (backed by an Xbox with Kinect).

Well the latest update not just adds pull-ups but dramatically overhauled the entire aesthetics of the app and it’s unbelievable. It looks incredible now and is buttery smooth to use. The old graphics were pretty stock looking – now everything pops and comes alive. I know that looks don’t need to play a huge role in a workout app but just give it a try and you’ll see why it’s such a big deal.

Here’s the official description once again:

6 Week Training an easy to follow to program to help you reach your goal in the following exercises:
Hundred Pushups.
Two Hundred Situps,
Two Hundred Squats,
Hundred Fifty Dips,
Twenty Pullups.
After taking the initial test for each of the exercises the program will put you in the appropriate workout level and keep track of your workout.
After week two, four and five there is an Exhaustion Test that will determine which level of the program is right for you in the following week.
You can always monitor your progress by looking though the logs and charts available.
Also Featuring Super Set Mode which allows you to do multiple exercises instead of having a break in between sets.
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions do not hesitate to email us.
Five Apps in One and best of all it’s ALL FREE.
Update 2.0
Fully Redesigned UI – Designed By Rafał Czaniecki
Added 20 Pullups Program
Update 1.1
Minor Bug Fixes
Added Power Workout Mode

If you already have it you should get the update soon. If not you can check it out here on the web Marketplace. It’s got a solid 4.5 stars and this may just push it to 5. Awesome work.



  1. It is a good app but this update is awful. One, it lost all my records of the past 4 weeks that I’ve used this app for. And two, the font is now so small that people who use reading glasses have to wear them even during work-out to follow the instructions on the screen. A senseless update to a perfectly fine app. I need to find another Training app now.

  2. As someone who never used the app before the update its really good. I wish the update included Live Tile support where it flips over to reveal the training menu for the day.

  3. As addition who never acclimated the app afore the amend its absolutely
    good. I ambition the amend included Live Tile abutment area it flips
    over to acknowledge the training card for the day. 

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