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Impossible Shoota Yields Interesting Windows Phone Info

Elbert Perez, the developer behind Impossible Shoota, has released some statistics about both his game and the phones playing it that are pretty interesting. As a bit of background, it’s a free game that’s getting between 1000-1400 downloads a day, currently sits at the #9 spot of free games and 27th overall for all apps with a total of 21,000 downloads since launch on November 17. it’s free and is about to have ad support go live and he notes that ad based seems to be the route to go as his other two games (Scribble Defense and Zombidemix) are paid and collectively have a little over 700 downloads. He may turn those into free games as well with ad support.

Along with sales tracking, he’s been collecting user data as well which provides information on the phones that are being used to play Impossible Shooter. Some of it is what we’d expect, with the top Samsung and HTC phones at the top. There are a few oddities here. There are references to some phones that I’m not familiar with like the “HTC MWP6985” and the rumored Asus E600 has 20 downloads. This can easily be testing of the device before it’s rumored AT&T launch. You can see all of the phone data here.

If you haven’t tried Impossible Shoota, here’s a good time. I play it…it’s impossible and that’s what keeps you playing it. it’s fun and simple. Here’s what it looks like:


We’ve covered his other games but here’s Scribble Defense which is a tower defense game with intentionally hand drawn looking graphics that I think looks great and is bearing a solid 4 stars:

And Zombidemix is a zombie simulation game with lots of action and has a stellar 5 stars which is unheard of in Marketplace: