I guess you can see how serious Microsoft is about filling up their marketplace by seeing what they’ve done during this past weekend while adding 168 apps. And there are some legit apps here like WeatherBug (which may be the first app to use a live tile so you can see the forecast on the main screen) and Kelly Bluebook (both free). The image editor Thumba, which lets you crop, rotate, adjust brightness, contract, exposure, white balance, color, etc is now live. We also saw an Xbox Indy game The No Button Game which I was personally looing forward to and My Little Tower Defense (which I tried on my touchscreen and was very impressed with). To tell you the truth, because of the way that some apps do not appear in searches, the real number may be higher but any way you look at it, it’s starting to hit some benchmarks to at least quiet the naysayers.


  1. Good to see the marketplace filling up.

    I’d be interested to know if anyone has got the live tile working on Weatherbug, though. I’m in the UK and I’ve set a location to be on the live tile, but all I get is the standard Weatherbug icon on my home screen. I might have done something wrong, but I’ve no idea what!

  2. Boy Ed we all here in the US feel so bad for you :P. Seeing as we haven’t even had a chance to buy a WP device yet!!! What is with these American companies releasing products overseas first?! uggh. Good luck though.

  3. Sorry – didn’t mean to rub it in that, for once, we’ve managed to get something ahead of you guys! Roll on November 8th for the rest of you to join the party!

  4. How is it that a company with a search engine has apps in its marketplace that don’t show up in searches? Come on MS, get your act together.

  5. @daveK…..Im confused….the topic said its in windows market place….which i cant find it anywere…

  6. @Chris: OH I see the confusion. I’ve taken an easy route lately and have differentiated Windows Mobile (6.5) and Windows Phone (7) even though MS screwed it all up and renamed 6.5 Windows phone. MS refers to Windows Phone 7 as “Windows Phone” so I’ve adopted that system even though it’s imperfect. So if you thought I was referring to WM (6.5) I apologize. This is for Windows Phone 7.

  7. @DavidK…Damn thats what i figured, i just figured out and installed zune to my desktop and was having trouble connecting my win 6.1 cell phone………..but if i understand you correctly zune is ONLY for win 7 ?

  8. @Chris: hehe yes. I wish those apps worked on 6.1. It’s a clean break for MS. WP7 is all Silverlight and XNA – neither of these codes run on Windows Mobile 6.x. So it’s a new core/OS, new market and as you can see, some slick new apps

  9. and i assume none of the forums have found a way around it….Damn i looked thru zune last night and their are like 10-15 apps off the top of my head that i want LOL

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