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SkyDrive Change To OneDrive Complete And Chance For 100GB Free

onedriveIn January it was announced that Microsoft would be changing the name to it’s very popular cloud storage service from SkyDrive to OneDrive because of their losing efforts to defend a trademark lawsuit brought forth by Sky Broadcasting. Personally the English courts messed up on this one not only siding with Sky Broadcasting on the trademark dispute but also siding with their own countrymen in the appeal by Microsoft. I am just getting to the place where the English Courts were at to agree with Sky Broadcasting that their brand was hurt or how a Microsoft Cloud Storage Product that was not called “Sky” but SkyDrive hurts them. Further Sky Broadcastings was awarded financial considerations as well in the victory. I seriously doubt that Microsoft knowingly said lets rip off some English Broadcasting company and make a name for ourselves. Anyway, what’s done is done and Microsoft has now rebranded at great expense SkyDrive to OneDrive and the transition is complete. Or at least until Metallica hear about it and sue Microsoft because it damages their very popular song title “One”.

So OneDrive is going to keep up with it’s 7Gb free and also allow users to score more storage free. For example you if you open the OneDrive app on your device (iOS & Android included) and select to share your photos, you will be rewarded with 3 more GB of storage free. Also, if you refer a friend to OneDrive you get an additional 500mb free up to 5GB! Not too shabby. Lastly, today you can get 100GB free for one year in a special promotion that Microsoft will announce sometime today so follow them on Twitter to find out: @OneDrive