imageOn paper the specs of the Motorola Atrix , with it’s dual core Tegra 2 and twice the RAM, is better than the Samsung Focus. But what if you just take them for a side by side spin:

Yeah, that’s a bit of lag on the Android side there. Maybe when Snickerdoodle comes out they’ll be able to have software that’s out of beta and will be able to compete against inferior hardware. Until then, WP7 FTW.

via WMPU


  1. The fandroids will still just fall back to the hardware specs (a la “This is Spinal Tap”, the volume goes up to ’11’), performance be damned. Let’s not go so far as to confuse people with facts.

  2. I have both android and wp7’s phones (wp7 for design/android for freedom) and I have to say, this does not surprise me. I thought it was funny when Rubin made fun of wp7 for having “20 year old code” because frankly, that supposed 20 year old code is somehow leaner than Android’s which, even with nothing running seems to, relative to wp7 anyway, chug sometimes

  3. Tegra doesn’t have Neon SIMD (like MMX or SSE) instructions. Snapdragon does. For some multimedia tasks, Neon code can easily be 2X faster.

  4. My stock Nexus S is infinitely smoother than that Atrix as well, not a good comparison to use a pre-release device for this test, with all of Moto’s crapware, then blame Android…

  5. That’s due stock android not supporting HW acceleration with GUI operations. They are seemingly working to fix that in 4.0. (dunno if for all chipsets). Some vendors (Samsung for example) managed to utilise GPU in gui in their proprietary shells.
    MS expoits the lack of hw support here.

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