imageIf the iPad HD ships with what we’re expecting, it will double the resolution of the existing iPad in both directions (thus quadrupling it over all) and that means over 3million pixels to fill on the screen. I know the screens are not made by them (although that in and of itself is impressive) but the fact that iOS can manage to fill that pixel count and the processor and battery can manage it is impressive by any standard.

Of course this means the size of apps will explode if they’re in full pixel format and devs will have to deal with the gift and the curse associated with it but still – the performance is noteworthy and that’s coming from an MS fanboy.


  1. With the processor they’re going to stuff inside this thing, it won’t be THAT big of an issue. It’s supposedly 20x faster than the one in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S (which is also a dual core version of the quad core die in the PS Vita)

  2. I hope for the best ;)

    Ok, fine, if no A6 in the iPad HD / 3, that’s perfectly fine. The A5 in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is incredibly fast (it’s faster in the iPad), and if they’re adding a better GPU, then it’ll be even better. Even still, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s announcement almost as much as I was for the iPad 2 announcement last year.

    Hopefully they put the “A5X” in the Apple TV 3 as well as BT 4.0. That would allow me to finally stream my 1080p videos from my iPhone 4S. The Apple TV 2 simply can’t handle it. Plus, with Mountain Lion bringing screen mirroring to OSX (my macbook air has BT 4.0 as well) , It will need the extra juice to run the 1080p feed :)

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