I have to start by telling you I own the Motorola S9 which is now two generations behind the newly released S10-HD and I still like it a lot. Like the S9, the S10-HD features a style and weight that’s perfect for working out in. They have a solid fit that go behind your neck but stay on you. In fact, I use them to jump rope and run without a problem. And the music and call buttons are on the side and you can feel them with your hand without removing the headset. OK, enough background, let’s get to the details.

This headset is in HD and is sweat proof, designed to fight off perspiration. The HD  ensures loud, vibrant sound. Even though you may not realize it, this isn’t just for playing music – it does have a microphone built in as well so you can take phone calls on it like a regular headset., and your music will pause during calls and resume when you’re done. They boast 8 hours of music play time and 9 hours of talk time with a 10 day standby time. 

So when can you get your hands on one? October 24th they go on sale at Best Buy (both in stores and online) for $79.99.


  1. Sounds like the 8 hour music play time is better than the S9’s, which was a turn off for me. I like to charge my workout headphones once a week, not every few days (too easy to forget). Just got another pair of 820’s on eBay (14hr music play), because a new pair of S305’s only lasted through about a month of workouts. My last 820’s were used off and on about 7 years, including two full years of daily workouts. Well worth the price.

    May have to check these out though.

  2. I tried almost every bt stereo headset on the market before buying the S9-HD model. They out-perform anything else out there. The volume, sound quality of music and phone calls is great. I can leave my phone sit anywhere in the room and the sound quality stays the same when I walk around. No wires or pendants to deal with and very comfortable. The con would be for commuters leaning back against a seat backrest since they are behind your neck. Great product. I don’t know how a new model could be any better. New Egg had the S9-HD for $49.00

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