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September shaping up for the iPhone 5 unveiling

iphone5rumor2There is no doubt that the mobile device market is as fierce as ever with the flood of Android devices in the market place and the promise of Mango and Windows Phone getting real. So is that pressure forcing Apple to rethink the next iPhone release and make sure that this is a major update and not the 4s update we were thinking a few weeks ago? It would seem to be the case because more rumors are hitting today from BGR that they have confirmed through a reliable source that the next  iPhone will in fact have a “radically new” design which may indicate not just a cosmetic change, but perhaps the much hoped for larger screen. Adding to the validity of that claim is the fact that Apple has also reportedly purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines that will be used by suppliers to create a curved glass screen.

Earlier reports of the new iPhone 5 form factor and screen size enhancement would now seem to be false as they all pictured the larger screen on a very similar form factor to the current model iPhone 4. Perhaps Apple is not only taking the A5 processor from the iPad 2 but also adapting some of it’s form factor into the iPhone 5 as seen above. However, if the larger screen does not fit within the confines of the same size form factor, I look for Apple to scrap the larger screen all together as Apple has ever been in favor of smaller devices.

So as Apple prepares for an announcement which could come at the companies annual September event usually held for the next iPod release, sources are again stating that it is entirely possible that an iPhone 5 announcement could come in mid August with a device release a week or so later at the end of August.

If you were already excited about the next iPhone because of iOS 5, the new hardware rumors should really mean another strong device release from Apple.

via: M.I.C Gadget, BGR, ThisIsMyNext, & Redmond Pie

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