As we’ve told you, this week is Angry Bird’s week for Windows Phones and historically the new titles hit a tad after midnight Tuesday (so Wednesday a.m.) so we’re pretty close to it’s official release (for $3 with a trial). Let’s face it, the marketing at Rovio is brilliant because whether anyone wants to admit it, this is significant for the platform. It’s one of those questions that people ask you when they look at your phone. You know “It has games like Angry Birds, right?” Yeah there are plenty of Angry Birds type games but it’s still the standard regardless of how you feel about it. And let’s just admit it now – you and I are going to download the trial and in all likelihood it will quickly rise to the top rank in Marketplace for sales and set a new record for Windows Phone app sales in all sorts of categories. It is what it is, so just accept it and move in.

So, are you going to be honest and admit you’re going to download it or are you hating on it?


  1. I just got the (free) Pandas v Ninjas. That’ll do for me while I’m not earning income.

  2. I’ll end up downloading it, at least the trial. I’ve had to hear all my friends talk about Angry Birds for nearly a year now. I’m honestly curious what all the hype is.

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