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Plants vs Zombies Released For WP7–Angry Birds Next Week

I love PR:

Check out the latest Windows Phone titles below, including a classic puzzle game for the Deal of the Week, an exciting new title release as part of the Must Have Games Program, and a sneak preview of what’s in store for the Games Marketplace.
Must have Game of the Week:
Starting this week, get ready to defend your garden from the walking dead when “Plants vs Zombies” comes to Windows Phone for $4.99. With five game modes and obstacles such as a setting sun, creeping fog and a swimming pool, you’ll have your hands full putting these zombies to rest for good!
Deal of the Week: 
Get ready for a challenging brain-buster in the Deal of the Week, “Bejeweled LIVE,” for just $2.99 on Windows Phone. The mega-hit franchise for Windows Phone comes with an online scoreboard system so you and your friends can keep track of high scores!
  Coming Soon:
Watch for “Angry Birds” for just $2.99, available in the Games Marketplace next week!

Plants vs Zombies is already hitting high marks with a solid 5 star rating so far with lots of great reviews in its first day and it’s a good prelude to next week.

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