For quite some time now, the iPad has ruled the tablet market and has gone unchallenged, but this may be about to change with the recent release of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. This new survey suggest just that.

New data from ChangeWave Research points to Amazon’s first entry into the tablet market being the second most popular tablet on the market, second only two the iPad (of course).

A November survey of 3,043 people revealed that 22% of those questioned getting the Kindle Fire, with 65% aiming to pick up an iPad. Third choice, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, captured only 4% of those questioned attention.

Of course, this survey does not mean that the people who said they will buy one will actually go purchase one. The fact that an iPad competitor is now potentially getting itself into the double figures territory for first time ever may signal a change in the marketplace.

The Kindle Fire is the first low-cost tablet to actually attract customers and even some potential iPad buyers. With all of Amazon’s accompanying stores and online services, the Kindle Fire potentially offers the closest experience to Apple’s line of virtual products that we’ve seen yet.

At $200, the Kindle Fire is a smart choice for those of us that cant spring for the $499 iPad.

Originally written for Blu3Sn0w Development


  1. I see complete fault in that survey. They never asked users which would you feel more suitable, iPad or Kindle Fire? If they ask that, the survey results will change. Also once people realize all they are getting mediocre experience and finds that iPad 1 is much better than both Fire and nook tablets. My 2¢

  2. An iPad 1 will easily surpass the experience you get on nearly any other tablet on the market, especially this thing. The kindle Fire has had a horrible press and review reception after a ridiculous amount of positive hype, and I personally know 3 people who have already returned theirs.

    Also, great title for this article…. it’s ‘quit’ descriptive of the Fire’s future: Non existant. 

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