This may be my own 640KB moment but the likes of Google Glass and its wristwatch counterparts won’t become, not even in fancyboy places like Frisco and Manhattan, a common thing you see people using in public. I believe such things make people look like a tool, I believe the perceived toolishness will not recede even in ten years and most tools won’t want to look this flagrantly toolish. If anyone wants to make this interesting I’ll put up ten bucks.


  1. I think Glasses are doomed, as even the less intrusive Bluetooth headsets never caught on. I think watches have a real chance, given that watches obviously exist already and thrived in the past.

  2. The watches will be interesting as they will be more readily acceptable. Its like when sport watches came out and had certain features that other watches didn’t. They won’t be for everyone but they will see some measure of success.

    Google Glass will indeed make you look like a tool. It’ll be priced way too high for most people to afford without anyways. Plus there is very little value in the current implementation.

    • The sky is blue. Simmons is a tool. IPhones suck. Any other obvious statements we should declare along with predictions of even more obvious niche product failures like the gigantic 10,000$ surface tables of yore? You should definitely be able to throw out more than 10$ on this, although it may be the smarter move not to betray your odds in favor of snaring more people in your hopeless bet.

  3. Wore a plastic (they promised a high end version forever) Motorola SkyPager watch for 10 years. Done with that geeky crap.

    Problem with Glass is aside from those that get it as a novelty, there will be those that have a specific purpose. And my guess is that’s not a good thing.

  4. I agree that a watch can be mainstream, it’s the glasses I that won’t, at least in their current form. If they can incorporate into frames and you could add lenses that would be worth it.

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