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Samsung Confirms Development Of Their Own Smartwatch

Samsung has no intentions of letting Apple debut market disruptive products and have the benefit of a couple years to themselves garnering all the profit and mindshare. The latest example is Samsung confirming the development of a smart watch. Recent rumors have pegged Apple intending on releasing such a product at some point this year. Samsung to their credit has realized the mistake their other competitors haven’t. You simply cannot allow someone to launch a disruptive product and think you have the luxury of time on your hands to compete against it. Especially when that someone is Apple who already has mastered the art of locking consumers into their ecosystem and dominating mindshare.

Samsung has become quite bold in their intentions to dominate any and all markets. The smart watch is on their radar and they have taken preemptive action to make sure their customers know they have one on the way. The battle starts in the mind. Samsung gets that and that is why they went on the record to let the world know they aren’t asleep at the wheel.

Source: Forbes

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