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That’s right. A 1500mAh that fits in the same slot as your stock 1230mAh battery. But wait, that photo over there to the right clearly states, “For HTC Desire HD”. Allow me to explain.

This started on a forum a couple weeks ago when some bloggers were going gaga over a Mugen 1800mAh battery to “exact fit” replace their stock Verizon HTC Trophy 1300mAh battery. I basically stated a 500mAh, or 38% boost in the same package, was simply too good to be true and eluded to believing in fairy dust or something like that. Anyway, I got slapped rather hard for my comments.  But that got me thinking about this whole “more juice in the same wrapper” thing. So I started searching for knockoff and incredible claim batteries, planning a story to do a little slapping of my own, when I stumbled upon a couple sellers on eBay. 

They were offering a replacement 1230mAh ( or 1300mAh, whatever) battery for the HTC Surround, but they also stated the battery would work in the HTC Desire HD, another device that happens to come with a 1230mAh. Now, call me a dumb ass, but I would never buy a replacement battery for $3.99 or the best deal yet; (3) 1230mAh replacement batteries, a charger, and FREE shipping, all for one low payment of $11.90. Btw, the Focus deal was $14.98, guess because the batteries are 1500mAh. So now I had a clue, the Desire HD = Surround. As I continued my search I found a UK site with an 1800mAh Mugen battery for the Desire HD, same as the Trophy fantasy battery, but alas it had been discontinued, probably because it’s not possible. Next stop was the Mugen site where I found this 1500mAh “same fit” battery for the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Inspire 4G, both of which happen to come with 1230mAh batteries as stock. But no mention of the HTC Surround and of course, out of stock. Back to eBay and a Mugen reseller who happened to have a bunch on hand. Well it looked the same as my battery, so I crossed my fingers and clicked the “Pay Now” button.

Battery came in yesterday and the first step was to measure this bad boy. Width / HTC-2.057” – Mugen-2.054” Check – Height / HTC-1.813” – Mugen-1.815” Check – Thickness / HTC-0.192” – Mugen-0.189” Check. While the contacts (see photo) on the Mugen are a tad shorter than the stock HTC battery, the Surround has pins which sort of drop right in the middle of the contacts, a non issue. So out with the old and in with the new. Powered up my baby and all was good, although only a 25% current charge, so off to life support for a while.

Played with it a little last night, keeping it on one of my Digipower USB chargers all the time to make sure it stayed close to topped off. Then it got a good 8 hour charge overnight. So far today I am unimpressed. After a mere 3.75 hours of active use (screen on and browsing, blogging, etc.), my low battery light is blinking. With my stock battery, I usually don’t wait till I am out of juice, but after three hours I typically have around 40-45% remaining and plug in for a boost. Now, in all fairness the Mugen instructions do state, “Batteries should be initially charged and discharged 3-5 times to achieve stated capacity”. Of course, my stock batteries don’t come with those instructions but then again, what does HTC know about phones and batteries. Right. I will try to follow the instructions as best I can and promise to report back in this article with an update so stay tuned.

UPDATE: I think everyone knew how this was going to turn out. After 6 full drain/charge cycles, this battery was performing about the same, or possibly a little less, than my stock OEM battery. The magic Mugen battery is on it’s way back, along with a full refund. Linking to this article probably didn’t hurt that effort. I never doubted any of the prior research, but as noted I wanted a true story of my own. That was worth the few dollars for shipping. I typically stick with OEM when purchasing accessories for any of my devices so this was a departure from the norm, driven by the lack of any OEM option and to quiet those who believe that OEMs purposely “under power” their batteries simply to piss us off. My only other venture into non-OEM territory was a Seidio 2000mAh (w/battery door) for my Fuze to replace the equally anemic 1350mAh stock battery. No doubt that this battery probably did not live up to its claimed rating, but it definitely packed more punch than stock. If OEMs ever get around to offering extended batteries for all their devices these little adventures will no longer be necessary. Then again there will always be those who believe they can pack 8lbs. of crap in a 5lb. bag, and will continue to try, despite any efforts to dissuade them. Good luck with that.

The skeptic in me does not know if this battery will actually give me a 22% boost in capacity, but 15% would be nice. Actually anything to improve upon the paltry 240 minutes talk time would be welcome. Priced at $44.95 on eBay and free shipping, same as the Mugen website. There are other brands with a bunch of different claims, but shop at your own risk. At least you now know that the HTC Inspire 4G = HTC Desire HD = HTC Surround.

I did find one incredible deal on eBay for a 2400mAh Surround battery with a new back cover and free shipping, but added that to my too good to be true list. And the Mugen 3900mAh battery w/back door, even if it’s really only about 80% of that claim, is simply too big. Oh, and that magic Mugen 1800mAh battery for the “Verizon” HTC Trophy. It appears, from at least one user, that the pin alignment is different on the Verizon model so the battery will not work. Oh well. Still don’t understand why the OEMs don’t just make something like a 2200mAh w/back door and release it the same day they release the phone for say $59.95. That’s money in the bank. Maybe 30 minutes to revise the CADD drawing to add 3-4mm of depth for the replacement door, modifying one position on the 12 up cavity mold, a generic blister and a label. What’s the big deal. If they do offer something, it’s usually 6 months into the life cycle of a device. Too late for many to consider the hefty investment.

Oh, and one last thing. I finally have a reason to be thankful for the incredible popularity of Android phones. Thanks guys.


  1. Won’t argue with you there. It’s my first Mugen, so rather than talking shit about something I have not experienced, try it for a week. Being an eBay purchase, ratings are everything (seller is currently at 99.9%), so I think I will get my money back if it does not come close to the advertised rating.

    And I track my battery usage closely (or as close as you can with a damn icon) so there won’t be any sort of maybe better, feel good thing going on. It either is or it isn’t. Stay tuned.

  2. Touch Pro2/Tilt 2 battery works in HTC EVO 4G by the way, but whatever, nice zinger at the end against Android. Why not rip on Android, you’re already helping a scumbag outfit sell overpriced crap.

    The Mugens I tested, three of them, at least three good tests each battery, all of them only burned 70-79% of their claimed capacity versus 94-100% I clocked on stock batteries for multiple phones.

    Price per actual amp hour they were the most expensive batteries, significantly more expensive, pound for actual pound, than OEMs. Same for Seidio.

    If you want to do our readers a service, if there’s an OEM available for this phone, assume it’s probably better than this battery and definitely not worse and especially if it’s less expensive than this battery don’t be plugging Mugen. Want to give them a hot deal tip, they’ll have about as much luck on ebay, except for much less money, getting cheapos and obvious counterfeits. Believe me, I tested the fuck out of these things and, no disrespect to your methods, with real equipment too with sound guidance from XDA. Put many hours into coming up with this information and it’s solid and even though I’ve gotten tired of testing these things, I assure you the data holds still-true axioms as it’s just the nature of this business not to try to stand out with honesty and definitely not superior battery juice.

    There is no such thing as a battery of the same dimensions as a stock battery that packs more juice. Think about it. Why would there be? Not many things out there have greater demand for technological advancement than battery juice, and you think some guy in China making bathtub lithium knows something HTC doesn’t? And if he did, how long until HTC sat down and had some noodles with him?

  3. Damn, Simmons. Why do you take everything so negatively. I don’t know shit about Android so I am not qualified to comment on it. What I do know is that they sell a shitload of phones and as a result a company (actually more than one) made a battery that happens to fit my non-Android phone. That’s a good thing for me. And yes, I have been to Batteryboss and read your comments. I dont dispute your opinion but sometimes you just need to see for yourself. As stated, should this turn out as you expect, aside from the cost of shipping I will have a new true story to tell about magic batteries. Well worth that investment

  4. My opinion? Is there anything I could have done to make that work produce information that struck you as objective, solid information rather than just some guy’s opinion? No, there isn’t, because I spent months, like three or so, just trying to make sure there weren’t any other things I could do better to make this information more reliable and actionable. In addition to me, others smarter than me spent their own time on money to produce that.

    You’re linking to not only a ripoff brand at a ripoff price but you’re linking to a ebay page of a reseller which is like ebay but without the good deal and plus some bonus fraud quotient. That’s a peculiar thing.

    Want to try it out for yourself and see? Maybe this situation could use a set of fresh eyes, right? Well shit, why not — I heard people like you actually respond well to taking placebos even when you’re fucking told it’s a placebo. Maybe you could ask the Chinaman behind this battery to put some marbles in a bottle of Centrum and let you test it out for fifty bucks while you promote his Centrum operation?

    If you need help returning this thing, use my site if you need leverage. And maybe wait a bit to give this guy a link or maybe look to see if you can find what appears to be an OEM.

    Meanwhile, start drafting a good article blasting Mugen for being dirty lying fruity scumbag liars — just in case I’m not full of shit, just in case, you never know.

  5. @Simmons – bathtub lithium? That’s fucking hilarious. I see this old Asian dude rocking the fu Manchu and stirring lithium in a bathtub with a wooden spoon. My brain amuses me.

  6. I ain’t no electronic engineer (I’m mechatronic actually) but I’m fairly certain that its possible to squeeze more juice out of the same envelope. Commercial decisions could have swayed HTC into using less juice (lithium ion) or less efficient control (less advanced technologically) circuitry for voltage/current regulation. Anyway, I bought the mugen 1700mAh for my mozart and you guys are right, probably same rating as stock battery or worse. I had no idea mugen was dodgy.

  7. Well if htc used anything other than lithium ion they wouldn’t b able to call it a lithium ion battery..and I’m pretty sure there is only either parallel or series options for wiring circuits

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