iphone5concept1There are a lot of rumors going around on what to expect from the next iPhone. We have heard that they have bought 200-300 glass cutters to make curved glass, that the screen might be carried out to the edges of the device and enlarged it to a 4 inch display, and that it will come with a new external antennae. While analysts are all speculating, nothing will be known for sure until Steve Jobs walks on stage and shows us. Apple as always protecting their secrets. One of the more consistently reported rumors is that the next iPhone to be released this year, would only have a marginal design change, and that it would be the next iPhone that would have a more radical change in look. Again, nothing is certain, but designer Michal Bonikowski has taken what rumors are available and has created some stunning images of what he feels the next iPhone will look like.

If Michal and the rumors are correct, the iPhone 5 will be more closely akin to it’s iPad 2 family member with a metallic curved back cover, but maintaining the metal bezel around the sides and a larger display, curved glass front screen. Interestingly,  he did not jump on board with the rumor that Apple would be eliminating the return button in favor of an on screen control like Android’s Honeycomb on the Motorola XOOM uses. Even still, the concepts are stunning and with what we know about iOS 5, should keep Apple fans pretty happy for a few more years at least.


Yanko Design via Cult of Mac


  1. @Sean, what do you call every android or wp7 device out there? Uniqueness wrapped up in platinum silk with diamond nuggets of incredibleness? Seriously, the anti-apple fanboy is worse than any-pro apple fanboy on any given day. Say “apple” and they immediately spew out a random string of characters that passes off as a comment.

  2. Can’t be right, cause it really looks like a phone version of the iPad. Not bad looking, guess I was expecting something new design wise.

  3. I’m not so much “anti-apple” as I am painfully unimpressed and unmoved by it. If I “hate” anything about it, its how easily impressed people are by it.
    So when I call it shit, I literally mean to me it’s nothing… over rated at best. Sales of it mean dick to me in the same way that big-mac cales mean nothing to me.

    I don’t hate on it, nor those who swear by it. I do have a (pretty unfriendly) opinion of it, but it’s based more on the popularity of it.
    I’m not a “mine is better than yours” kind of dude. But I do prefer what I have over that, yes. Is it “better”, shit who knows. I just know I like it and don’t care for iphones.

    I also don’t get the yealy fanfair of the “new” iphone and the weird excitement over some largely minor shit.

    Meh, oh well.

  4. “Seriously, the anti-apple fanboy is worse than any-pro apple fanboy on any given day.”

    Not possible!!! Have you ever met an Apple fanboy, especially one that attends MacWorld or WWDC? They are woefully sycophantic, blind, and ignorant. It’s okay to be a fanboy, just as long it you don’t drag along these other traits with you.

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