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Camera Fix for iPhone Helps With The Purple Haze

As mad as the purple haze issue makes me, and the way Apple has handled it for the most part, the thought of this article with “Purple Haze” just made me head on over to the Jimi Hendrix channel on Slacker and renew my admiration for this guy musically. There is no telling how many guitar players are trying to cut their teeth by playing some Hendrix. Even the great Satch, Joe Satriani is only where he is at because of Jimi. What a legacy to leave behind and talent your legacy would inspire. So is this where I say I digress? Always hated that phrase.

So I have bitched about the iPhone 5’s purple haze camera issue since day one. The highly annoying purple haze is caused by light reflecting off your camera’s module when holding your camera at an angle towards bright light. The infuriating part of the flaw is that Apple simple states you are holding your camera wrong. In a sense they are right, if you held it at a different angle the issue would not occur. There are also some shielding techniques you can use that will help with the purple haze as well. Never had the issue on my iPhone 4S and it was an excellent camera.

So where Apple has stumbled, a crafty App Developer can prosper.  Camera Fix by )! design srl claims that they have an app that will help resolve photos you have taken that have the purple haze on them. It does not fix the actual issue. So it is a filter that is specially designed to deal with this issue. It also has some other filters you might like to use. I am not a huge fan of filters myself, I would rather the camera just work, but that’s just me. The App cost $0.99 which is not a lot of money, but I could not get myself to buy it because of the principle of the whole thing. Not paying $0.99 for something that should have worked in the first place.

Head on over the App Store if you want to try out Camera Fix.

[via Redmond Pie]

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