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Mobility Digest Review: ePillow for the iPad and iPad 2

IMG_1367I spend a lot of time at the end of the day answering emails, reading, and playing games to unwind in bed before I go to sleep. This is always the time I reach for my iPad 2. It is very lightweight, and easy to use in bed. The only problem is when I am typing emails or playing games like Infinity Blade, it is a little hard to find the right position in my lap as I lay in bed. I always knew there had to be a better way to use my iPad 2 and that’s when I got an email from the folks at Veyl Products LLC, the makers of ePillow. At first I was amused by the whole idea and thought it would end up as more of a “I couldn’t think of anything better to get you” kind of gifts. So after a few emails they offered to send me one to review which I received and have ready to go for all of you! That’s right, another edition of Mobility Digest Reviews, so let’s get to it!

The review ePillow I got from Veyl Products LLC was the brown suede model with black leather trim. There is also a black leather version and an advisement to let you all know that four other colors and material choices are coming soon. The brown suede material I got was very nice and the stitching seemed to be very well done. The black leather looked a little bit on the cheesy side, but the color complimented the pillow well. I think a better grade of leather would have made the ePillow a little more classy.














The ePillow is made from 100% Polyester and 65% Vinyl, 35% Polypropylene. The inside fill is 100% Polyester Fiber. The ePillow is Sewn in Mexico from fabric made in China. The ePillow is approximately 17 inches wide by 11 inches long by 5 inches thick of course that all depending on how much you fluff it it or press it. Weight? Yeah right. It weighs almost nothing. So that’s the tale of the tape. Let’s move on to the nuts and bolts of the ePillow review shall we.

Starting with the top side, the first thing you notice is a lap tray sort of pillow made with some very nice brown suede. But for some reason, the ePillow developers chose to use some rather cheap looking vinyl which would have been a lot better had they used real leather. So moving on, the black vinyl has a larger amount of material and fill at the bottom which actually lets your iPad 2 sit down into it. The sides of the vinyl iPad holder have a lot less fill to them as they reach the top side almost becoming flat.

Also located on the ePillow on the upper right hand side is a 2-3/4 inch slotted holder that I have yet to figure out a good use for. Pencils and pens are obviously not used on the iPad and it is too small to hold anything except an uncased iPhone or iPod.  I could not get my Direct TV remote into the slot or any of my other remotes. House phone was not going to happen either. But in case you need to stick something small somewhere, there you go.

On side of the ePillow is a pretty nice monogramed tag letting everyone know that you have the ePillow. It is pleated for some reason on that side too, but it looks really nice so let’s move on. The only other thing of note is on the bottom side where there is a 1-1/4 inch strap that spans the entire width of the ePillow. This is not a handy holding device to better grip the ePillow before laying a wallop on your wife or buddy sitting next to you. Editors note: Use extreme care when planning sabotage with your wife and the ePillow. Mistakes in your attack planning like failing to map out a clear exit strategy can prove incredibly painful. The strap is actually used  for traveling and allows the travel gadget junky to put the ePillow on his or her suitcase for easy navigation though the airport terminals. Remember the editors note above, TSA agents are even more aggressive when using the ePillow other than what it is intended for and there are a lot more of them available at a seconds notice than you can imagine.








Okay, so we got the design and some buffoonery out of the way, so let’s chuck and iPad in this thing and actually see how it works. One of the first questions I saw was will the iPad fully ensconced in a protective case still work with the ePillow. The answer is………yes. I happen to have one of each kind of case for the iPad 2 and took some pictures of each case on the ePillow. Check it out:












Above we have the iPad 2 in it’s birthday suit proudly professing Mobility Digest in the ePillow sanctuary.












Here we have the iPad 2 in a leather (cough) portfolio case. Fits nicely.












Then we have the beefcake of the crew, the OtterBox Defender Series Case that I will shamefully hyperlink the review to so you can click over to it when you are done here and make our bounce rate envy of all other Mobile Blogs.

Even with the huge added bulk of the OtterBox the iPad two still fully protected resides peacefully within the confines of the ePillow.

So let’s bring this Mobility Digest Review on the ePillow for the iPad 2 to a close with a conclusion shall we? I really like this product. Bottom line, this is a handy accessory to have if you are  tablet owner and power user. I actually use this on the couch and in my broken down lazy boy recliner that bolted down into the concrete slab so my afore mentioned scorned wife could not have it hauled off while I am at work. The ePillow is a very well made product and “the perfect solution for using your iPad in comfort and style”

A few little hiccups to work out for the next revision would be the accessory slot that is too small for your device, and a better grade of material around your iPad to secure it. I recommend leather and just add a few extra dollars to the price.

This is a great gift idea people for all those gadget junkies on your Christmas list. The ePillow is available right now this very second from the Veyl Products LLC website for the ePillow at a cost of $29.95.