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A Few Contact Tips

I was reading this article from Microsoft on how to use WM to hunt for a new job (see what I go through for you guys?:)). I initially dismissed much of the article as mostly common knowledge but then realized that it really does have a few tips that a lot of users may not realize (or may have forgotten) so I think it’s worth noting them.

For example, did you know that if you have Google or Live Search installed then when you click on a contact there is an option show the contacts location on a map? The ‘Locate in Google Maps’ option is obviously Google Maps and ‘Show On Map’ is linked to Live seach and AT&T Maps is linked to ‘Drive To’ and "Map It’ (so you need these apps installed for these options). So you can quickly get directions to any of your contacts which saves a lot of time compared to copying the location and manually typing it in.

Also, if you open up a contact (go to ‘edit’) then you can add a custom ringtone unique to that contact by going to ‘custom ringtone’. Finally, if you go to ‘Filter’ in the Contacts menu then you can sort your contacts by categories so you can view just your business contacts for example.

So nothing revolutionary but hopefully helpful to a few of you.