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Monday Mixup

BlackBerry Mountain

In case you haven’t heard BlackBerry is now considering alternative strategies up to and including selling the company. If this sounds familiar it should. They did the same dog & pony shoe a couple quarters back that helped give their stock a nice bounce. CEO Heins also reiterated that they needed to build value in the brand before someone would consider them attractive enough to be a buying target. This is a couple weeks ago after yet another dismal financial quarter for them. So here is my question for BlackBerry. What has changed? No amount of spinning this makes this seem like selling the company is the preferred outcome.

New iPhone Commercials

They all pretty much can be summed up with the tagline “my phone is more popular than your phone”. I give them credit. They know hoe to focus on the numbers that paint them in the most favorable light. Human beings are simple creatures and giving them one thing & one thing only to focus on helps cement the message they want conveyed. Notice how its only iPhones in the commercials? No screen time is given to competing phones. Apple wants you to think the iPhone is the only one that matters. You know what, its working.

Two Week Impression of Lumia 1020

In short its awesome. I’ve never used wireless charging so I can’t miss what I’ve never had. I will say that as much as I love the photo quality the video & audio recording quality is amazing. How amazing? I’m shooting a couple short films and web series with it. Thanks to the 2GB of RAM the phone is future proofed for graphic intensive games.

Moto X First Thoughts

There is something about the Moto X that I really like. Motorola is redefining the talking points when it comes to smartphones. The focus isn’t on out-speccing competitors but the user experience. If you’ve ever had a friend or relative say something along the lines of “that’s too much phone for me” or ” I don’t my phone to do all that” than you know we tech literate people are the vocal minority. I’m looking forward to picking one up and putting it through the paces.

Am I completely off the tracks with this? Don’t be bashful let me know in the comments below.