The start screen on Windows Phones is great aesthetically, but I’m sure we all wish we could organize it a bit better. Microsoft hasn’t let us make folders yet, but David McCanless and Roger Peters thought up an extremely simple way to organize your start screen. They created a website that you can pin to your start screen and when you do it creates categories that you can use. Just look at the picture to see what I’m talking about (where the ‘music’ and ‘games’ are the dividers). So all you need to do is head to their site, click the category you want (and tap on the white or black on depending on your needs) and pin that site to your start screen and bam – organization. Yes, a longer list and you can’t jump through these but it is a pretty nice look overall and it’s dead simple to do. Very smart fellas.


  1. Hi.
    This is a very good idea! But, I missed some categories. So, I did that for those who want more categories and so create custome categories :

    Possibility to change the color of the background and foreground, font size and text (your imagination is the only limit :p)
    The GUI is not as nice as your website but I did it on my lunch break so…

  2. @tagazok:

    You’re a time saver! I was in SnagIt doing the same thing. I think you just have to change the font. Correct me if I’m wrong someone but it looks like those guys made it with Century Gothic.

    Shout out to David with the mostly hip hop tiles. *Stat Quo sighting = +2*


  3. Hi,
    Small update.
    Now it’s possible to choose a picture instead of a color as background.
    @The Fight, I’ll take a look at it an maybe add the possibility to choose between the regular wp font and Century Gothic :)

    Thank you

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