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Confession: I’m Digging Kill the Duck: Town Invaders

When Kill the Duck first hit the Windows Phone marketplace I was a bit shocked at how quickly it rose to the top of the charts, being that it was a classic game and a straightforward port. Well flash forward and the same developer has just released a revamped version called Kill the Duck: Town Invaders and this version is less of a straight port and a lot more refined than the original version. It’s a combination of factors but really the graphics are far improved and overall it gives the game a lot cleaner and far more polished feel. There’s also a lot more depth to the birds that have their own personalities. And there’s a great ‘shake to reload’ feature that’s very well implemented. In the end, you know how to play the game – kill the ducks and avoid the doves. But this version is actually very very well implemented and works for both a quick game or you can keep it going to try to make it through all 75 levels through 5 towns.


There are two versions of this game available. There’s a free version and a paid version. The free one has ads and only the first 11 levels are unlocked. The paid version is just $1 for all 75 levels. And for my two cents – this is a well put together game and you’ll put a lot of time into it so it’ll be a well spent dollar.