Out shopping with the wife. She sent me a list of web links to the items we’re getting for the kids.

I pinned all the items this morning to the start screen on my Titan. She has her web links in her Notes app on her iPhone.

We walk into the stores and as my wife is waiting for web pages to load in string at my screen and strolling down aisles without missing a beat.

I’m identifying toys without having to move away from start screen.

So I decide to turn this into an article and ask my wife to take a picture with her iPhone. She tells me that she doesn’t have any more room on her phone because she has to dump some stuff to make room. Her 16 GB is all used up.
Come on, if her iPhone couldn’t store a single pic her phone would be useless, she’s just pissed I’ve managed to once again top hr beloved iPhone.

I didn’t push the issue because I have to go home with her. :-D

Windows Phone & Pin To Start FTW!


  1. That’s exactly what i did one day when i decided to pick up some gifts from various establishments on Foursquare.
    Pinned them all to the start screen. Not that it was time issue, but saved me some navigation and starting the app many times.

    Glance and go works than :)

  2. Uh, look… I like my WP7 Titan just fine but this is more of an example of you not showing your wife how to effectively use her iPhone rather than an actual failing of the phone. I have an iPhone as well as my wp7 and there plenty of things wrong with your post as to the use of the iPhone.

    Interestingly I had to switch to my iPhone to post this response since the mobile IE on WP7 wouldn’t let me enter any text in the Disqus ID boxes.

    • Hi Anim8me2, I have been working on our mobile site and just tested Discus on my Titan in desktop mode and it worked. Can you tell me what device and OS you are using and if it was in fact in mobile or desktop view when the problem happened? 

      • I am using the Titan with the latest version of Mango. I was using the basic IE for browsing in desktop mode. The labels for the empty fields was not showing up.

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