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Accelerate your Kaiser (Tilt)/Touch Pro (Fuze)

One of the legends of the ppc development game, Chainfire, has released GfxBoost v0.5, this app activates QTV mode which improves speed/smoothness of certain apps, including Direct3D.  The app actually slows down FPS but the manner in which it does it makes the screen seem more responsive.  Its a bit complicated but it you want to try to boost the responsiveness of your PPC then give it a go.  We’ve been playing around with it most of the day and it seems to have few if any bad effects, installation is a breeze and it can be uninstalled.
(per Chainfire and our own experience)
Some effects
  • Manila2D is faster/smoother (really the best show-off I’ve seen so far)
  • PointUI is smoother
  • CorePlayer playback in DirectDraw mode is smoother
  • OpenGL is smoother in some instances (Triangle app from HTC-CA, for example)
    UPDATE: Version .6 released April 28 to add app to programs list and sign the app. Also, positive effects have been noted in more applications