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New Kinoma Play update: Better Twitter, a little rocket science and more!

Just a couple weeks after we gave you the biggest Kinoma Play release since it was introduced (’s-first-mobile-“social-media-browser”-by-kinoma/), Kinoma chipped in and got you another great little update!


Kinoma Play’s new Twitter app is a big hit with customers, and this update makes it even faster and more reliable.

Not only did we fix an issue where it could seem ”hangy” (sorry to get all technical!) on slower connections, but it’s now faster thanks to more efficient “conversations” with Twitter.

Finally, this update makes it a snap to retweet (RT) your favorite tweets.

Advanced Settings

Introduced in the last release, the new Advanced Settings app gives power-users a way to control some deeper settings, like which folders and which kinds of files Kinoma Play should manage.

For phones with an HTC G-Sensor, this updates includes a new Orientation setting that let you dynamically enable/disable G-Sensor support. (This option only appears if your phone has a G-Sensor, natch.)

Improved Orientation Detection

Not all G-Sensors are tuned alike, and we’ve found that some of the phones out there are a leeetle too sensitive.

With this update, Kinoma Play performs some advanced signal processing* on the G-Sensor input to reduce false positives for orientation changes, which will make orientation changes seem less “twitchy” on those phones.

(*Yes, it kind of is rocket science. You’re welcome!)

But wait, there’s more!

  • More Home shortcuts — The last release introduced a super-convenient shortcut that lets you go Home just by holding the Center key on your 5-way. Now, you can press-and-hold the Back button as well.
  • Live365 — The “More” now works correctly for stations listings and presets, and we fixed an issue where audio scrobbling didn’t work for everyone.
  • Facebook Media — We updated the terminology to match the current Facebook style (i.e. “What are you thinking?”).
  • Get Apps — We improved the way screen shots appear on screen to make your eyes happier.
  • Improved press-and-hold feedback — Now when you press-and-hold on lists and grids to bring up the menu pod, a nifty icon appears to show when you’ve pressed long enough. Didn’t mean to do that? Just drag the screen to continue doing what you were doing.

Update your Kinoma or download here: and a big thanks to wordsmith9091 for the tip…