OK HTC Windows Phone users, time to take your unlocked phones and start your tweaking ways. You can change themes colors:

Here is a first beta version of Advanced Config. for WP7 There are not a lot of tweaks at the moment, as I was busy with WP Device Manager I did not implement all the functionalities and tweaks yet, but I decided to release it because there are cool features like theme customization which may interest some of you.
Here is a video demo of theme customization:

This first version is compatible with HTC devices only.
Experienced users can manually test new registry tweaks with Advanced Config. Let me know if you find some interesting tweaks to add.
To Do:

  • Full device compatibility
  • Ability to remove or modify existing accent colors
  • Advanced theme customization
  • Customization of system sounds
  • Multilanguage support
  • A lot more tweaks!
  • Anything you want…

It’s available here.


  1. Did you actually see the black/black theme over at XDA. You actually like that. It erases the whole tile concept. Maybe I am just getting old.

  2. i guess i missed it. i would really like an outlined box with black inside like I photoshopped in my suggestion post, but the bright colors are really hard on my eyes at the moment. I guess a dark color would be equally acceptable.

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