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Adobe details the massive Windows Phone upgrade for Reader

OMG a nearly unusable app just became legit. Here’s what Adobe is sharing about the 10.1 update to Reader which is going live as you read:

We are happy to announce that a new version of Adobe Reader (10.1) for Windows Phone 7.5 is now available. We are excited to see this update, and hope that you are as well! Here is a summary of what is new in this version.

Updated File browser

We have added a Panoramic File browser. You can easily list your recently viewed PDF files as well as see a complete list of all PDF files available in Adobe Reader.

Search, Select and Copy Text

You can now search for words and phrases in a document. In addition, you can select text and copy it to paste into other applications.

Navigate using Scrubber and Bookmarks

We have added ability to navigate using Bookmarks in a PDF document. If there are bookmarks available, you will see an icon on lower right hand corner of the document. Clicking that icon will display the bookmarks in this document. Tapping on a bookmark will bring you to the right location in the document.

You can also navigate to any page quickly using the Page Scrubber at the bottom of the display. Just tap and drag the Scrubber, and you’ll be shown thumbnails of the pages, so you can identify and go directly to the page you are looking for.

Open password protected files and Portfolios

We have addressed one of the most common requests by adding the ability to open password protected documents.We have also added support for PDF portfolios by showing you a listing of all of the contents in the portfolio, and letting you tap to open and view any of the enclosed documents.

In addition, we have made significant performance improvements throughout the application, so your reading experience should be much improved.

For me there’s still a massive omission – the ability to share Adobe. You can only forward an email with a pdf attached but you can’t attach it to a clean email like you can a file an that’s a huge usability issue. Anyway, I’ll take the update for now