Many consider Amazon to be Apple’s one true competitor, not because of a device vs. device competition, but a service for service comparison. Amazon’s ecosystem is a direct threat to Apple’s iTunes, and still Amazon continues to expand on this.

Now Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire owners will have an option to have access to an all-you-can-eat kids content. This includes books, apps and music! A genius idea if you ask me, but wait, there is more. For Amazon Prime members, you can add the subscription to your account for a super low $2.99 per month, for non-Prime members, it’ll cost you $4.99, which still isn’t bad. {That’s for one child profile. Up to 6 child profiles runs $6.99/month for Prime members and $9.99/month for non-Prime members. Details here.  –Ed.}


  1. Dear Amazon: How about letting me UNINSTALL the pre-installed apps that I DON’T WANT? Like Audible, Pandora, IMDB, email and contacts (which is what I do on my PHONE). And how about dynamic allocation of media space? I have Very Few books, and no magazines, and lots of games. Can I please have space from the former for the latter?
    These are my only gripes about my Fire. Otherwise, I love it: it does EXACTLY what I wanted from a media-consumtion tablet.

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