Samsung-Captivate1-200x200We just posted on the AT&T small firmware update for the Android Captivate that covered a few things like a Voice Improved Calling and QuickOffice. What AT&T did not include in their statement is that there was also the GPS fix that a lot of you have been waiting for. From one of Mobility Digest’s tipsters, Samsung has released the following statement:

Good morning,
Samsung Mobile and AT&T are pleased to announce an update for the Samsung Captivate. Below is Samsung Mobile’s official statement regarding the over-the-air update.
An update to improve the Samsung Captivate’s GPS performance is now available. Captivate customers will receive a notification on their device that an update is available and will simply need to download the file to update their phone. The updates will be pushed to customers’ devices over the next few weeks.
The update for the Captivate will also improve additional device functions, such as media scanning time, add the full version of Quickoffice and address Microsoft Exchange 2003 policy support.

Could it be that AT&T has a diamond in the update that even they didn’t know about? We got one comment on the update already that there are some issues updating the device. So come on all you tipsters and let us know if there is indeed the much awaited GPS Fix for the Captivate and Samsung Galaxy S devices with your FOTA update.

UPDATE 11:16am: Our good friend Kristofer Brozio has just confirmed from Samsung that the AT&T FOTA update does in fact have the GPS Fix in it! Holla People and let us know who it is working for you!


  1. No improvements to any of the outlined areas noticed at all. Actually appears worse and even slower snd lagged. A real disappointment…

  2. @Logan: Did it get stuck on the GalaxyS Logo? If so, remove battery, put it back in and try again. That worked for me…

  3. Mine worked fine. Only took about five mins start to finish. I noticed right away it changed the look of the youtube widget. It addaed the office app. Still looking for other changes. So far so good! Will the froyo update be soon? Will it be worth it?

  4. After reading many, many forums which are dedicated to the Samsung Captivate, it seems as if the update did NOT address the GPS issues in an excusable manner. The few who have had good results appear to have spoken too soon. This is unfortunate for Samsung and their entire line of Galaxy S phones as it leads us to believe that the poor performance of the GPS is something that is beyond repair. Those who are on AT&T and demand a functional GPS and are still within their 30 day return period are suggested to return the phone. AT&T will waive the restocking fee because this problem is very well documented. This update WAS the “optimization” that was promised via Twitter. Samsung most likely felt pressured to stick to their promised September release and as a result “optimized” the GPS for the Captivate. The word “optimize” is a good one. I would suggest looking up the exact definition as it will enlighten the sceptic as to what Samsung actually promised to do, and did. Hopefully, as they look forward to their next line of phones, they will remember the Galaxy S line and learn from the mistakes they made.

  5. So i was addressing the download rebooting comments yesturday. This morning i tried my gps (captivate) and it locked on in 7 seconds. As opposed to the 10-15 seconds prior to the update. That works for me.

  6. Interesting that this fix seems hit and miss…I hope Samsung doesn’t think it is fixed and leaves it at that… :(

  7. I am new Samsung Captivate on AT&T user. Recently on Sept 22, 2010, AT&T pushed some update on my phone. When update was pushed I was connected to WIFI. When this update was pushed, it ate data usage from my data plan even though I was connected to Wifi. In my opinion it is wrong policy. If this was a system update it should not eat my data usage. I know that it used my data usage for fact that Sept 22 was first day of my billing cycle and whole day I didn’t connected to internet or used any application that use data. After the update 20MB data usage just gone.
    I am on lowest data plan (200MB), and suppose if I already used 190MB from my data, this update may lead to over usage. I contacted AT&T customer service and they said it is their policy that such kind of update will use your data. Is this normal with other carriers as well?

  8. @pam, call back, tell them the update took 20mb of data that you shouldnt have had to use, ask for the rep ID, then tell them to note the account, if you end up going over your data at the end of the month call and dispute the 20mb of data that was noted on the account… they will certainly credit a 15 dollar overage to keep a customer…

  9. Gps definitely improved, but not fixed. It seems to lock faster, but still jumps around every once in a while and loses lock. Still useless for navigation.

  10. Lies, the GlaxayS phones will never have funtional GPS. Samsung is spending millions and millions advertising a product that does not function as advertised. I predict a class action lawsuit, just my two cents.

  11. First of all these firmwares are suamsng official.. to go back to your old firmware you need to download it and install ans above procedure.This is not rooting .. rooting is altogether different procedure. and it voids the warranty

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