41CXNixb5AL._SL500_AA300_So if you’re jonesing for a Lumia 900, but don’t have $100, here’s your deal:  Amazon.com is selling the Lumia 900 for $19.99 (existing customers, extending your contract for 2 years) or $49.99 (new customers, with 2-year contract).

I do see one Teeny, Tiny problem in the checkout process.  You’re required to choose your plan.  If you’ve got a grandfathered plan, you might not want to go through this.  Just sayin’.

3 more months until my upgrade.  I hope I can hold out…


  1. Same thing for Walmart’s deal – you can get the great price, if you’re willing to change your plan. I know some of these also don’t work well for a family plan because they want you to upgrade every phone in the plan as well as changing your own phone and the plan. :( I think I can live with either waiting for the Apollo devices or paying the extra $$.

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