Date and amount are now confirmed. So, anyone out there getting in line?


  1. To say that i’m geeked up is an understatement. That Focus S is the one i’ll be scooping up although for some reason I want to try the Titan just to poke fun at my wife for how tiny her iphone screen is.

    Windows Phone FTW!

  2. I think its also official that at&t is the place to be if you want a Windows Phone. Tmo picking up just one low end phone, nothing on the CDMA carriers. Good thing my DVP rocks!

  3. @efjay: I think as time goes along we’ll see lower and lower priced Windows Phones flooding the market. Both CDMA and GSM carriers. The fact the Focus Flash is $50 on day 1 on contract speaks volumes. Thats Samsung so imagine the low price points Nokia will be releasing phones at.

    Again, I don’t understand how someone picks up outdated iPhones over any of the newer Android and Windows Phones. In fact, that $50 Focus Flash should battle the iPhone 4 for budget sales on AT&T.

  4. I am curious about the build quality of the Samsung S. Some of their phones I’ve seen seem like a cheap piece of black plastic. I won’t renew my contract until I get a 32GB 4G (3.5 G really) WP7. I will probably wait until Q1 next year to see if Nokia releases a high end device with these specs and the build quality they were known for. My surround works great for now….just need 32GB

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