Some new features have surfaced on the windows phone dev podcast we can’t wait to get!

Bing audio, allows you to search for songs as they are playing, similar to the shazaam app.

Bing vision, allows you to search for products by taking a pic of barcodes, covers ect.

Bing navigation, pretty much what it say, turn by turn in bing maps!

text message dictation, you say it, it’ll write it out for you.

Its good to see the WP7 team adding features to the Mango update. I just wish they didn’t treat the update like a service pack for windows. It would have been nice to have these features pushed to the devices as soon as they are ready.

Via: lifestylesdefined
Source: WPdevpodcast


  1. @JaganP: No Google Goggles this is Microsoft we’re talking about. Software gangstaz as Ramon calls them, no beta to see over here.

    I can see why Microsoft wants to filter all the features of Mango throughout the year. Last year they introduced some things (cough, Xbox Live, cough) that had competitors (see Apple/iPhone) scurrying to come up with a competitor (cough, GameCenter, cough).

    The major point of all this recent info on additional Mango features is that the platform is viable and closes the gap alot quicker than most people believed they would.

    User satisfaction at over 90% and about to go up even more. This is Microsoft’s remote to the cloud and their virtualization services.

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