IT IS LIVE! I don’t think you need me to tell you about the game. Go grab it! I already preemptively bought it…

Here’s the link that opens in Zune


  1. Nah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plants vs zombies….. I downloaded the trial, but it doesn’t excite me anymore..i say hell noh to this but Hail wp7 for having this Xbox live…..
    MSFT keep it up….

  2. I Dunno, I used chicks ‘n Vixens from day 1.. Got hooked onto that, so thanks AngryBirds, but no thanks… You took too darn long to show some Windows Phone love.. I’ll stick with my other pals

  3. It’s amazing how rich these idiots at Rovio became ripping off an old flash PC game. Make something original that’s worth a damn Rovio, and stop living off of this overrated bunch of nonsense.

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