At this point, I am starting to believe this is a joke! This will now be the 3rd time this has happened to Apple after an update. Its really alarming how often lock screen security is bypassed on iOS. Although its fairly silly to get this to work, and the people finding out how it actually work might be better off going outside and enjoying a day, it’s a vulnerability none the less. Still no word from Apple on when this will be patched. Check out the video below.


  1. Well, Blackberries, known for their super duper security powers, aren’t much better with their lockscreens given that, from my experience, about half of them can be bypassed after trying qpqpqpqp, aqaqaqaq and tytytyty. The other half you just need to know the targets’ cats’ names.

    • Im really not sure what is going on with mibile security nowadays. I guess the proliferation of smartphines in the hands of not-so-smart users have cause software engineers to aim for the lowest common denominator.

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