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Golf Battle 3D – Cross Platform Multiplayer Smash Golf


Golf Battle 3D is a cross platform multi-player golf (type) game that’s already available for Android and is coming to every other platform. By every other platform, I mean that it’s in review for the iPhone, coming soon to the iPad, coming soon to Symbian, in review for Bada and coming soon to Windows Phones. And real cross-platform play will be possible. “This is made possible thanks to our network solution. When you start the game you will be asked if you want to connect to our servers. When accepting that you can search for your friends in the multiplayer menu, and challenge them for a battle.” Pretty cool. So, what’s the game? It’s golf but there’s no putting involved. it’s more about hitting as far as you can and using the tilt sensors to keep the ball straight, taking the wind into consideration and there’s no meters like we’re used to in golf. From their site:

This game has three major difficulties.

  1. Unlike most golf games there are no bars to show when to start and when to finish your swing. It is more difficult our way, but in the same time a lot more fun. You have to learn the behavior of your character and learn when to press in order to get a perfect hit.
  2. When you have hit the ball you have to use the phone´s gyroscope in order to steer the ball. No matter if you hit a “monster shot” or not, the wind will be a big challenge for you. Of course the wind varies from course to course and gets more and more difficult to handle.
  3. When you feel somewhat confident that you master 1 & 2 above you are ready to enter the battle mode. In battle mode you will definitely experience difficulty number three; the stress.

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Right now the only version available is for Android (here’s the link) and it’s $3.27.